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. >> while they are still counts voting in florida -- [inaudible] >> [inaudible] >> it's not on? oh, there's a greener light. i apologize. [laughter] i saw the green light, too subtle for me, but i hope we're on now. here's what we know. we certainly know the president was re-elected, democrats picked up seats in the senate, which is contrary to what anybody in washington, i think, thought, even as late as labor day. we know the house is going to stay roughly the same. absent breaking news, i bring you no precinct returns from florida. i'd like to spend more time on why this is happened, and what that means for us going forward. first, i share the admiration all around for president obama's campaign team. they were tech nickically close to perfect in the first responsibility of a campaign team, that is to identify and turn out voters. they planned it. they executed it. every step of the way, they knew what votes they needed, got out and got them. they began weeks before election day banking favorable votes in states where they had already had people on the ground preplabbed to produce. aga
discussed in the media, you have to look at the next agenda and you have to look at ohio and florida. if romney, if lightning were to strike and romney were to carry all three of the states than he is very much in the game to win the election. is on the other hand, if obama were to carry at least two of those three states then i believe romney cannot win the election. if romney carries two and obama carries one of those three states and we will be up late at night watching the electoral college to see how things turn out. i'm not sure that this election has to drag on until the wee hours. i think we may have a good indication by the midnight at least as to where we stand, depending on what happens in those three states. >> you have absentee voting and they don't report that early in those places. >> i don't know how it is because the elections are not run by the government. in texas the absentee voting is reported at 7:00 p.m.. those are the first results. >> erlang foti -- [inaudible] they voted over a year ago. [laughter] >> i am talking about the mailed ballot absentees and the ab
and hercules. components that are all built in florida. he even voted against body armor for troops our troops on the frontline of the war on terror. john kerry's record on national security is troubling. >> it is the same exact ad. the ads are more targeted these days. this is the florida version of that advertisement. all of the focus these days on swing states and targeting the swing states. it is the same identical message. this is something i'm not very proud of the, but what i found out recently was we did an event in 2008. mark mckinnon was one of the guest speakers and he created ads for the bush campaign in 2004. he said that he was actually a fan of this website and he knew about this website and he would look at it to try to get ideas and go back to a past campaign. so i will give you an example of an advertisement. and i'm not saying this proudly. but it was interesting to me to learn this. when we think about the reagan outcome we can do this norman rockwell series of positive ads that make people feel good about the way america was coming back. this ad was actually very effective
their campuses safer. states from california to florida have introduced legislation to make it clear that child abuse reporting is not only a moral duty, but it's the law. this is tremendous progress. laws strengthens, policies tightened, governance revisited, and institutions made safer, and our work continues. that brings us to today, on the brink of the one year anniversary, civil lawsuits, perjury trials, and we can expect more fallout to come. over the last year, we have learned much about ourselves, our many cultures, our values, and our vision. we're still working through some difficult issues, but the question remains where do we go from here? the answer can be found by returning to penn state's core mission -- teaching, research, and service. our bottom line is delivering an outstanding education to students. our students are our top priority. i repeat, our students are our top priority, and they are doing great things. for example, this year, our journalism students captured the national championship in the william randolff hurst journalism award. engineering students took top honors
. they were french. they made wine. they had the good sense to land in florida in june the third of december massachusetts, but then they were wiped out by the spanish but the story was completely left out of textbooks for the most famous woman in america was taken captive by anand in 1865, march new hampshire. in the middle of the night she killed her capture, realized she could get a bounty for scalps, went back on the scalp them and made her way to boston where she was a. the first statute to an american woman, a permit statue shutter with a hatchet in one hand and scalps in the other. >> hurricanes and he is now believed to be one of the costliest natural disasters with insured losses estimated to be as much as $20 billion. we discussed the national flood insurance program and how the insurance companies are responding to sandy with an industry representative. this is a half-hour. postcode let me introduce you to john prible, vice president of the independent insurance agents and brokers of america. our topic is the national insurance program. mr. purple, this article was in "the wall st
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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